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To present the case of a patient with Munchausen's syndrome who underwent multiple surgeries in the spine before the diagnosis was made and, therefore, to highlight the importance of this obscure condition that can result in unnecessary surgical treatment. Had the documents presented by her not aroused suspicion, she would have undergone a bone marrow aspirate and chemotherapy [ 28 ].

When she was interrogated, Hoyt broke down and admitted that she had killed her children in an attempt to quiet them. While the child is in the hospital, the parent may stay with them all the time and attend to them well, but they may appear less concerned about the child's well-being than the health care professionals do.

During a lengthy battle against terminal illness, blog writers can attract support from thousands of friends who follow them through treatments and who become emotionally involved when they die.

Playing the "sick role" allows Munchausen syndrome by proxy essay to adopt an identity that brings unconditional support and acceptance from others with it. While not condoning the viciousness of troll attacks, forum discussions regularly express concern that mainstream media coverage of trolling ultimately results in more trolling because widespread attention represents the reaction that trolls seek.

On the other hand, the guardian needs to carefully consider expert opinion and pursue termination of parental rights or another permanent plan instead of reunification where necessary. Some people may even have a child undergo painful or risky tests and procedures to try to gain sympathy from their family members or community.

It has been argued that the patient may have an antisocial personality disorder that makes them enjoy manipulating and duping health care professionals. Historically, the Roman physician, Galen, presented the earliest evidence of malingering in the second century AD.

Although these do not have the same large population of users, they might increase the security and lessen the chance of encountering a Munchausen by Internet troll online. Encourage psychiatric help, but if the patient resists do not force the issue.

The child may come to feel that he or she will only be loved when ill and may, therefore, help the parent try to deceive doctors, using self-abuse to avoid being abandoned. The three parts of the communication process are: New cases of Munchausen by Internet are identified regularly.

Each discipline should approach MSBP cases from its own area of expertise with the common goal of ensuring the safety of the victims. After protest, it was revealed that the column was a spoof. Telling dramatic stories about several medical problems, often with little documentary evidence Frequent hospitalization Symptoms that are inconsistent or vague and that do not match the results of tests Symptoms that unexpectedly get worse, for no logical or medically explicable reason A desire to undergo medical tests and surgical procedures A surprisingly good textbook knowledge of diseases and conditions Visiting many different doctors and hospitals Unwillingness to allow the health care provider to talk to friends or family Frequently asking for painkillers and other drugs Having very few or no visitors when in hospital If the person is challenged about their story, they may become defensive or aggressive, or they may leave the hospital or health care provider and never return.

Others apparently posting on behalf of the individual having identical patterns of writing. Finally, the Internet may also play a major role in the development and spread of beliefs that are unsupported by scientific evidence.

The exact prevalence of FDIS is hard to know, because patients use false names, visit different hospitals and doctors, and they can become adept at avoiding detection.

Historical law assumes a physical world constrained by time and space, but virtual environments have significantly different functionality. They are prepared to investigate so that few contradictions will escape over time.

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine https: The abusive parent is usually very helpful in the hospital setting and is often appreciated by the nursing staff for the care she gives her child.

What Is Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. FDIS appears to be a kind of personality disorder, a condition in which the patient has a distorted pattern of thoughts and beliefs about themselves and other people. When Munchausen by Internet seems likely, it might be practical to have some established group members gently question any dubious post owner privately.

Trust has been defined as a feeling often based on inconclusive evidence of certainty that a person or a thing will not fail [ 12 ]. CPS will coordinate the medical assessment, facilitate obtaining medical and other records regarding the child and the family, consult with legal counsel, law enforcement, and initiate legal proceedings if required to protect the child or to further the investigation.

There is little research regarding the psychology of Munchausen by Internet, but there are indications that some online self-presentation may be motivated by narcissistic or sadistic tendencies, as is the case with FD. However, ethical considerations can make it hard to confirm this.

Munchausen by Internet can have devastating effects within online discussion groups, destroying trust when the hoax is exposed [ 3 ]. In one case series, patients were carefully confronted with the factitious nature of their illness. Get instant access to over 50, essays.

Inthere were 8 published articles listed on Google Scholar, but none were relevant because they either contained citations which referred to old research or had no specific link between Munchausen syndrome and the Internet.

For example, individuals may need help in processing their feelings.

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy

Central to most theoretical models of narcissism, the use of social relationships is employed to regulate narcissistic esteem. Perhaps referral for criminal prosecution is appropriate. Recognizing some of the predominant characteristics of the offender, make it possible to understand why some women are capable of such a horrific act.

Hoyt lived in Oswego, New York at the time of the murders http: Some, pretending to be ill, have joined more than one, and some might sign on to a single group multiple times by using different names and acting out different roles.

MSBP should be considered whenever a child is presented with an unusual illness and has a negative workup or an abnormal response to standard therapy.

Being nurtured by doctors and other health care workers provides human contact and emotional warmth. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Essay examples The term Munchausen syndrome by Proxy was originally coined by Meadow in (), to describe a situation in which a caregiver "creates factitious symptoms or signs in order to mislead the physician into believing the child is ill" (Blumenthal, ).

Untangling the Web of Munchausen Syndrome, Munchausen by Proxy, Malingering, and Factitious Disorder: Conclusion. Laboratory diagnosis of factitious disorder: Compulsive lying disorder, also known as pseudologia fantastica or mythomania, is a condition that describes the behavior of essay about the teachers day a habitual  · Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a form of abuse where a parent or caregiver fakes the signs of illness in a dependent, and seeks medical intervention.

For full functionality, it is necessary to Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP) -- or Munchausen by proxy -- is a psychological disorder marked by attention-seeking behavior by a caregiver through those who are in their care. MSP is a. Munchausen syndrome by proxy occurs when a person inflicts illness or injury on someone else to gain the attention of emergency medical personnel or to be the “hero” for saving the victim.

Discuss whether or not Munchausen syndrome by proxy should be classified as a criminal Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome A 10 page research paper that offers an overview of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.

The paper defines the disorder; describes its history and incidence statistics; research; implications/impacts on health; psychological and social implications; treatment; and the role of nurses and nurse practitioners in management, concluding with a section that addresses the

Munchausen syndrome by proxy essay
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